Established since 1979. Frits Luikens, starting Eel fishing around 1978 and soon began smoking eels, using oak chippings in his Smoking Kiln. As the demand of Eels increased, Frits and his wife Maaike bought Claythorpe water Mill in 1980 so Frits had access to larger premises and the Mill pond to keep Eels alive and fresh. Frits and Maaike used the out buildings and turned them into smokeries. Soon Frits and Maaike started smoking Salmon, trout, chicken, pheasants, ham and other fish and game.

Local interests widened and so did our clientele. The Mill once fully restored to its former glory became a smoked fish outlet and restaurant.

The Mill was hugely successful and attracted a lot of media interests, locally and nationally. The smokery and restaurant ran for 7 years; after which Frits and Maaike sold the business to concentrate on other projects. However, Frits continued to smoke foods and catch eels where ever he went, this became more of a hobby rather than a continued business as he was also a full time Merchant Navy Captain.

In the early 1990’s Frits and Maaike purchased a redundant farm, called West end farm situated between Withern and Great Carlton.

We have a great history and experience within the smokery trade and we aim to produce the finest quality smoked foods.

Our aim, honesty, integrity and quality.

All foods will be prepared on our site using traditional smoking kilns, using only the finest quality wood chippings; there are no artificial flavouring and additives; we only use salt for brining, natural seasoning and some herbs for extra flavour.

We NEVER use DYES to enhance colour or flavour.

All foods will be prepared and smoked once ordered, making sure your product is as fresh as possible.

All goods will be vacuum packed and packaged on site, using recyclable packaging and using ice tablets to keep your product cool during transit.

All products will be clearly labeld and dated, which includes the ingredients and information regarding how best to store smoked foods and best before dates.

Once you have ordered using our on line service, we aim to deliver your product within 5 to 7 days; sometimes there may be delays and we will always try to inform you if we encounter any issues. Sometimes things go wrong that are beyond our control especially when the produce is in transit.


We have a “No quibble guarantee” meaning if you are not satisfied with your product, or it is damaged in any way during transit, we will refund all your money.

We will request full payment once you have ordered the goods; please be aware if you wish to cancel your order to do this within 24 hours as we tend to prepare and smoke foods once your payment has been received.

Keeping it local!

We use local suppliers in Lincolnshire for all our products; the exception are eels as they come to us from the Netherlands if we are unable to catch enough eels ourselves.

Salmon, prawns and Mackerel are from the Grimsby docks; all are Rainbow Trout are from Harrop Trout Ponds in Beleau, Chicken and Pheasants are from local farms.

We mean to be competitive and be cost effective without compromising on quality.

We have knowledge of two other Smokers of fish and poultry in the Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire area; this means there is plenty of scope and opportunities within the Market Place. We can keep our costs low since we are a family run business and our fish and meats are sourced locally.